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Adopt-A-Group Home

Larkin’s Adopt-A-Group Home program is a partnership uniting the agency with businesses, civic organizations and other community partners. Adoptive organizations are encouraged to enhance the treatment of one of six group homes. These facilities are scattered throughout Elgin’s newer and older neighborhoods. A team of supervisors, childcare workers and therapists use the homes to create a structured and therapeutic living arrangement for as many as eight adolescent clients per home suffering from past abuse and neglect. The team works to create a comfortable, accepting and nurturing environment. The ambiance of a home environment is helpful as these children and teens work to regain stability in their lives.


The program will seek to build a relationship between a group home and a business or organization. It will provide resources and activities that will enhance the treatment program of residents of the group home.

Expectations of Sponsor

  1. A commitment of two years
  2. A cash or in-kind contribution of at least $1,000 per year
  3. Provide volunteers for a t least two work projects during the year.
  4. Assist the staff in celebrating special occasions as is appropriate.
  5. A primary contact will be designated.

Expectations of Larkin Center

  1. Plan and implement two work projects involving the sponsor during the year.
  2. Plan and implement two activities with the sponsor and residents during the year.
  3. Provide appropriate recognition for the sponsor in the agency newsletter, Annual report, etc.
  4. Provide the sponsor with a list of needs on a regular basis.
  5. The group home supervisor will serve as the primary contact.

For Information on the Adopt-A-Group Home program contact Claudia Van Delinder at (847) 695-5656, x217 or e-mail